A park with well maintained trees - a safer environment to play in!

We do major land clearing projects requiring mulching.

Got a house site to prepare? Call us we can do it. Got a 100 hectare subdivision to prepare? Call us we can do it!

We have the machinery, experience and trained staff to make it happen. We know that the clearing is always the first stage of your project and we aim to get it done in a prompt, safe and professional manner leaving you a clean site with a nice big pile of useable mulch. You don’t want mulch? No worries we can take it away!


Our services include:
  • Land clearing
  • Tub grinding (industrial mulching)
  • General excavating

About us

We are a local Sunshine Coast clearing company, our machinery consists of 6 excavators (5 x 25 ton), a D7 size drott(dozer), our own prime mover and low loader and a 750hp Morebark Grinder.

We employ approximately 5 staff so our company is small enough for us to care about your project and for myself to keep everything running smoothly and safely.

We have been in the tree game on the coast here for over 15 years and in that time have worked for all the big (and not so big!) civil and road building companies and of course we can supply a list of references for you before we start your project.


Brent Poole