Tree Works.

Turbo Treefelling has all the experience, skills, man power and equipment to complete any professional land clearing project.

Land Clearing Projects

Trimming of trees and bushes
 From a small house site to a 100 hectare sub division project we can do it.

We push the trees, pull the stumps, backfill the stump holes with surrounding earth, machine stick rake, shear up and mulch the trees and stumps.

Usable timber is always salvaged. Every log milled/ used from your project means one less tree needs to be felled elsewhere. You can keep the logs or we can remove on your behalf.

All you’re left with is a clean site with or without a pile of usable mulch.

Sunshine Coast's complete land clearing and mulching service

Stockpiled Greenwaste Recycling

An old log
Got a pile of trees and stumps pushed up by a machine you don’t know what to do with? Give us a ring we will give you a set price to turn it into useable mulch.

We service everyone from small acreage home sites to council waste management facilities.


Machine grinding a stub
We currently have 5x 25 ton excavators all of which are available for general hire. We have all the necessary attachments for your excavating project. We do house pads, driveways, trenching or whatever you need. Give us a call.